raider técnico

light track balleteatro


Minimum stage measurements: 10 x 8 x 6 (W x D x H). White fond or projection screen that covers the back wall for at least 80%. The right half of the stage will be covered with dirt.


Light [minimum requirements]

1 truss/track over full width in the back, minimum 6m high

1 truss/track over full width in the center, minimum 6 high

1 truss.track on proscenium, 5 m in fron of stage, minimum 5m high

Possabillty for 2 spots on the floor


36 channel dimmer pack wich 3 outlets per channel minimum

36 channel programmable DMX light mixing table


Video projector with a projection size that covers the fond width for at least 80%



Dois leitores de cd, som de alta-fidelidade adequado ao recinto, leitor de DVD



Todo o material deverá estar devidamente montado dois dias antes do espectáculo, com a presença dos nossos técnicos. O dia anterior ao espectáculo é exclusivamente para ensaio de adaptação e verificação de luz e som.

This is a general technical sheet. Changes can occur without prior notice. Final requirements depend on the location and will be demanded by our technicians in coorporation with the technicians of the hiring theatre and - if applicable - with 3rd party technicians.