Little yellow riding hood




Original music

Scenography, light design and graphic design



Woolf mask

Set and props decoration

Production assistant





Special thanks

Hugo Sousa

Paulo Freitas, Bibiana Figueiredo

Carlos Silva

António Rocha

Jonathan Richter

Carla Silva, Celeste Sousa

Álvaro Jaime Pacheco, Lígia Almeida e alunos
do ensino vocacional do 3º ciclo da EBS de

Juliana Ribeiro

Tania Correia

Laura Alves

Associação Movimento Incriativo
Cabeças no Ar e Pés na Terra

Município / Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez

Fundação Crédito Agrícola do Noroeste

Gessos Ibéricos

Fernanda Lima

Artistic and technical sheet

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived like a princess, she had everything she wanted so she lived in a huge apathy… once upon a time there was also a boy who was afraid of a lot of things so he took refuge behind a mask… the girl lived with her mother who had very little time for her, because she had to work hard and clean the house… the boy lived with his father who was very strict and would not let him use the mask at breakfast, lunch or dinner… the girl's mother, as she had no time to go take the food to her grandmother who was ill, sent the girl with her Little Yellow Riding Hood… the boy, tired of living with his father, decides to run away from home… to go to Grandma's house the girl has to go through a forest full of wonderful things, birds, trees with odd shapes and very beautiful flowers… but the girl’s mother always said: "Do not stop along the way and not talk to strangers”… the boy, as was afraid of everything, shadows, smells, dark, in the forest decided to walk with his wolf mask, because with it felt much stronger… needless to say that the boy and the girl met in the forest. She didn’t think he was strange and so she spoke to him, he was a little afraid of her and didn’t take the mask ... and then? Then… you have to see the show.