The visit of the rhino

Direction e choreography

Isabel Barros



Carlos Silva

Sónia Cunha

Original music

António Rocha


Light design

Jonathan Richter



Isabel Barros



Teresa Branco



Isabel Barros

Rhino sculpture

Zé Makuna

Production assistant

Ana Azevedo

Creation assistant

Festival International de Marionetas do Porto

Coordination with schools

Céu Bivar


Município/Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez




Crédito Agrícola


Graphic design

Jonathan Richter

Contemporary dance

“Visita do Rinoceronte” is an extravagant travel through images, photographies and movements. A kind of imaginary circus. This performance is a mixture of dance, theatre, acting and circus, showing and making us travel to around the world of childhood, time of the awake dream, or night dream, willing to consent a lighter, looser, faster, happier and more certain existence.

The place is a Circle, a universe of colours, where two interpreters look for a place in the world, and they are persons, figures or almost objects, as if they’d belong to unreal places, they are characters from “there”, looking for the right place.

This spectacle was selected to participate in LES REPÉRAGES “rencontres internationals de la jeune choréographie”, organized by Danse à Lille/Centre de Developpement Choréographique Roubaix, in Lille (France), in March 2009.

“[…] it’s an innovative and original performance that takes us to a world of unreality, and that has a lot to do with childhood dreams and fantasies’. The spectacle, a mix of theatre, dance and circus, has a great symbolic meaning, with delightful moments of poetry and illusion, as an escape to the greyness of our daily life…”

In Notícias dos  Arcos, 30-10-2008